These third party interpreters are designed to replace the original game interpreters. They often can include bug fixes, but, mostly they are meant to run these old games on modern hardware and Operating Systems. They can also allow the games to run on OSs that they were never meant to run on, such as Linux or BSD. These can often be the solution for problem games.

AGI Interpreters:

NAGI - A new, easy to use SCI interpreter by Nick Sonneveld. A good solution if you are having trouble running your old Sierra AGI games.

Sarien - Another AGI interpreter. Holds a lot of promise.


FreeSCI - FreeSCI can run SCI0 (early) games


ScummVM - Runs SCUMM (LucasArts) games. Support has been added for non-Scumm games, such as the Coktel Vision games (Gobliiins, Woodruff). Support is being added for SCI games with the merger of Free SCI.


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