Note: FreeSCI has been incorporated into ScummVM. SCI games are not yet officially supported, but all future development will be done under ScummVM. If you wish to try ScummVM with SCI, you will need to download a Subversion or developmental build of SCI.

FreeSCI can decompress and load SCI0 resource files, load and link position-independant SCI scripts, execute SCI bytecode, display SCI0 pic, view, and cursor graphics, draw text according to information stored in the font resource, interpret SCI0 sound resources, and provide input events to the SCI bytecode. In short, it can run SCI0 games, although it still has a few bugs.

FreeSCI 0.3.2a has been ported to the following platforms:

  • Alpha/FreeBSD
  • Alpha/GNU/Linux
  • Alpha/NetBSD
  • Alpha/Compaq/Tru64
  • ia32/GNU/Linux
  • ia32/Win32
  • ia32/FreeBSD
  • ia64/GNU/Linux
  • ppc/GNU/Linux
  • Sparc/Sun/Solaris

FreeSCI seems to support the Amiga resource files rather well. No other non-PC systems have been tested yet.


FreeSCI can be downloaded here.

FreeSCI on IRC -- #freesci on the Openprojects IRC network.


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