King's Quest: The Mask of Eternity Walkthrough

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Map of The Frozen Reaches


The Frozen Reaches

Snow Palace

  • Head South to the Snow Palace.
  • Talk to Freesa, Queen of the Snow Nymphs.
  • Give her the crystal scepter. She will let you keep it.
  • Exit.

Dragon's Cave

  • Head West to the Dragon.
  • Use the scepter on the Dragon. She can't take you anywhere until the gate is opened.
  • Look at the broken chain hanging from the ceiling.
  • Push the ice block underneath it.
  • Stand in front of it and jump. Make sure it is against the edge and you are not on the ice.
  • Once on the box, grab the chain. The gate will open.
  • Click the scepter on the dragon.
  • You will automatically jump on her back and fly across the lake.

East Tower

  • Head North to the East Tower.
  • Kill the two Ice Orcs.
  • Pick up the crossbow that one drops.
  • Climb the wall to get in.
  • Exit through the open doorway.
  • Pull the lever to open the trap door.
  • Jump in.
  • Shoot the barrels.
  • Open the trunk.
  • Take the potions.
  • Exit and head North.
  • At the fork go East.

Flaming Sword, Invisible Snow Mane

  • AT the top of the hill you will be attacked by an invisible Snow Mane.
  • Drink a potion of reveal and kill him.
  • Continue forward.
  • Look at the sword in the block of ice.
  • Walk on to the ice.
  • Throw a rock three time till the ice breaks.
  • Use your fire gem on the ice to melt it.
  • Click on the sword.
Guard House
  • Head South then West around the East Tower.
  • When you finally make it up the hill a couple of Ice Orcs will be waiting for you on the other side of the lake.
  • Kill them with your crossbow.
  • Walk around to the left being very careful not to touch the water.
  • Walk to the left of the guard house and behind it.
  • Climb up.
  • Click on the grate. Watch the scene that unfolds.
  • Move forward to the jail.
  • Talk to the Gryph king.
  • Pull the lever on the other side of the room. This will create lightning.
  • Exit to the balcony.
  • Jump off. You will automatically kill the guard.
  • He drops a key. Look around and pick it up.
  • Climb back up.
  • Free the king.
  • Exit.
  • You will be attacked and fall through the grate.
  • Kill Thork.

Thork's Throne Room

  • Open the trunk.
  • Take the amulet.
  • Pick up the ice shard.
  • Notice the trunk behind the locked gate.
  • Look at the slot in the wall.
  • Open the front door.
  • Notice the gap in the floor.
  • Put the ice shard in the gap.
  • Use the flame sword to melt it.
  • Now use the crossbow to freeze the melted water.
  • Now pick it up.
  • There is a rock in the corner of the room if you need it.
  • Put your new ice lever in the slot in the wall to open the gate.
  • You will break the ice guard and open the trunk.
  • The guard will re-appear.
  • Kill him quickly.
  • You now have a 4th piece of the mask.
  • Go back to the dragon. Go back to the other side of the lake.

Gryph's Cave

  • From the dragon's cave, head South then West.
  • Follow the trail to the cave.
  • Click on the Gryph king.
  • You will receive a blue adamant.
  • Go back to the dragon and fly back across the lake.
  • Go back to the guard house.
  • Climb up.
  • Go to the electric chair.
  • Put the blue adamant, tongue, mushroom on the chair.
  • Pull the lever. You get an increase in armor and weapons ratings.
  • Climb down.

West Pillar

  • Use amulet on pillar- "Only the blade of fire can sever the head of the Drakes."

The Drakes

  • From here continue North.
  • Kill the snowy guys.
  • Climb the wall.
  • Kill the Drake.
  • Walk past the Drake.
  • Drop down into the hole.
  • Continue down the hall to Paradise Lost.


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