How to get DOS SCI Games
to run in Windows XP

Note: The following information is no longer needed. SCI games run easily in DOSBox. DOSBox is by far the recommended way to play the AGI games.

You shouldn't have any problems running most of Sierra's DOS SCI games in Windows 2000 or XP. But to have sound with these games, or any DOS game, you will need to run the games using VDMSound.

You might have had to add a


line to the "resource.cfg" file for some Sierra DOS games.

You might encounter a lockup on start or get an error message " Unable to initialize your audio hardware." This is a speed issue with the DOS games, not an XP problem. Updated sound drivers or a patch such as GOSiERRA may fix this. (UPDATE: playing the game in DOSBox solves this problem. You may need to lower your DOSBox cycles before you start the game -- you can raise it after the game starts.) Another problem you might have is digital sound effects looping endlessly on you. This is another speed issue. See this page for possible solutions. For Sound related issues see the Sound Utilities Page.

If there is no new timer bug patch for your game, use DOSBox for other speed or timer bugs. The old solution was to try a slow down utility such as Turbo or Mo'Slo, but, as computers get faster and with the new dual core CPUs these old standbys become less and less useful.

Make sure to check for any patches or updates that there may be for your game. Also check the Main XP Help Page for specific help for your game.

If you have trouble getting a DOS Sierra to run, you can try the Windows version (if there is one) instead. Usually there are fewer problems with DOS versions with few exceptions ( King's Quest V).

If all else fails you can try running the game with another interpreter such as FreeSCI or out of a DOS emulator such as DOSBox.


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